Vineyard School of Ministry Africa

Required Courses for Certificate Program
15 Courses or 45 Credit Hours

2) VSM-B102 Old Tribal History: Old Testament Survey - 3 Credits

Purpose of the Course
To provide the student with the broad theme of salvation-history and the redemptive purposes of God in relation to humanity in general and Israel in particular.

Learning outcomes
1. To introduce the student to overarching themes of the Old Testament
2. To enable the student to understand the divisions within the Old Testament and their connection with each other
3. To study the background, content, purposes, and theology of Old Testament Literature
4. To examine the literature of the Old Testament in such a way as to draw comparisons and contrasts with African cultural and tradition.
5. To highlight and compare the narrative quality of the Old Testament Literature with African story

Course Content
A broad survey of the different literature in the Old Testament; a study of the historical/cultural Ancient Near East; examining the Jewish understanding of the Pentateuch, Prophets, and Writings; studying the theological themes, relating the literature within the Old Testament to that of Africa, studying oral traditions and storytelling in Africa to Old Testament Literature.

Course Resources
Adeyemo, Tokunboh (Ed.), African Bible Commentary. Nairobi: WorldAlive Pub., 2006.

Holter, Knut, Let My People Stay: Researching the Old Testament in Africa. Nairobi: Acton Pub.,2006.

Kinoti, Hannah W. & Waliggo, John M. (Eds), The Bible in African Christianity: Essays in Biblical Theology. Nairobi: Acton Pub., 1997.

Manus, Ukachukwu, Chris, Intercultural Hermeneutics in Africa: Methods and Approaches. Nairobi: Acton Pub., 2003