Vineyard School of Ministry Africa

Required Courses for Certificate Program
15 Courses or 45 Credit Hours

4) VSM-B104 Understanding Creation & Family: Genesis - 3 Credits

Purpose of the Course
To introduce the students to the Biblical stories of creation and the origins of life and compare these to African creation stories and traditions. To study God’s redemptive purposes in family through the study of the patriarchs and applying these stories to both African traditions and culture as well the contemporary issues facing African families.

Course Objectives
The course will enable the student to:
1. Be familiar with basic features of the creation story and the origins of life.
2. Understand and compare African traditional stories of creation as well as the Western theory of evolution.
3. Comprehend the tradition of salvation-history as found in Genesis.
4. Analyse the family issues (barrenness, birthright, polygamy, death) found in Genesis and in the contemporary African family.
5. Conduct exegetical studies of select passages in Genesis using the inductive method of Bible Study. The student will be encouraged to note the literary and historical ideological milieu as well as the various literary genres found in Genesis.

Course Content
The course will be divided into several sections which will include – Creation Stories, Flood Stories, People Migrations, and Family Stories (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph). Using the inductive method, the student will be taught to exegete a passage and then discuss contemporary applications. Broad themes such as God’s redemptive-history in Genesis as well as more particular themes of family related issues in Genesis and their outworking in the contemporary African scene will be examined. Ethical and Moral issues that arise will be introduced as a way of preparing the study for further reflection and application of Biblical principles in the contemporary context.