Vineyard School of Ministry Africa

Required Courses for Diploma Program
20 Courses or 60 Credit Hours

16) VSM PM206 Community Development & the Kingdom of God - 3 Credits

Purpose of the Course

The rationale for this course is the need to understand that the nature and particular challenges for an African leader.

Learning Outcomes
The course will enable the student to:
1) Better order their lives for intentional growth
2) Appreciate the development of character and interpersonal skills
3) Understand the role of pain and change in leadership
4) Comprehending and developing mentoring and coaching tools
5) Study and develop strategies for dealing with gender issues as well as the dynamic of poverty and corruption in the church.
6) Realize the role of teamwork and how transitions occur.

Course Content
African leaders must acquire their leadership model not from Western churches, but from Jesus Christ who was the greatest leader of all time. Included in this will be such considerations as God's timelines perspective on your unique call; Pain and how God uses it to shape you and your leaders; Mentoring process for developing rising leaders; coaching and the leader. Issues such as the making of a leader, gender, poverty, corruption and the leadership will also be considered