Vineyard School of Ministry Africa

Required Courses for Diploma Program
20 Courses or 60 Credit Hours

18) VSM T203 Father God & His Family: Systematic Theology I -  3 Credits

Purpose of the Course
The purpose of this course is to enable the student to understand the teaching concerning Father God and His Family as expressed by the Trinity.

Learning Outcomes
The course will enable the student to:
1. Understand the development and distinctives of African Christian Theology.
2. Trace the comprehensive theme of Father God as Creator and Saviour through both the Scriptures and African resources.
3. Inductively study the Scriptures to understand Jesus, Son of the Father, Elder Brother, the Great Ancestor.
4. Understand God’s self-revelation as a Family through the Trinity.
5. Appreciate our humanity and identity as African Christians in response to God’s revelation, sin salvation, and sanctification.
5. Explore eschatology, heaven and hell through an African view of time, judgement.

Course Content
By beginning with an examination of African Christian Theology, its beliefs, values, and practices, the student will gain a sense of his/her own heritage as well as perspective for the future. The movement from Liberation Theology to Reconstruction Theology will be one illustration of the development of African theologizing. A study of Theological adaption or inculturation, both the methods and the approaches will aid the student with the remaining context of the course. The chief focus of this course will be an inductive approach that deconstructs the Greek/Latin inheritance of the historical church and reframes Father God and His Family through an African lens. Through both Scripture and African proverbs, parables, and stories the student will gain a new understanding of God’s revelation and salvation-history as discovered through creation, community, and family.

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