Vineyard School of Ministry Africa

Required Courses for Diploma Program
20 Courses or 60 Credit Hours

7) VSM B207 Understanding Tribalism & Conflict Resolution: Joshua & Judges - 3 Credits

Purpose of the Course
By examining the record of Joshua and Judges, the student will learn the challenges of tribalism and conflict as well as contemporary remedies.

Learning Objectives
The course will enable the student to:
1. Exegete the historical and literary dynamics of the books of Joshua and Judges
2. Analyze and trace the patterns of tribalism and conflict in Joshua and Judges
3. Learn the indicators for conflict resolution in an African context
4. Apply the principles of conflict resolution to the local church and the broader political landscape in Africa

Course Content
The books of Joshua and Judges provide a unique look into the gradual shaping of tribes towards nationhood. Studying the patterns of conflict and tribalism in Scripture and relating it to Africa’s challenges. Learning conflict resolution by identify the issue, the area of concern or conflict; clarify the goals or wants of the various parties; search for alternatives that enable all parties to achieve as many of their goals as possible: and covenant to follow the chosen alternative. Strategize how to apply conflict resolution principles to the local church setting and the broader political realm.

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