Non-Credentialed Track

Applicants to this track are not required to possess a Secondary School Certificate nor pass an English proficiency exam.

'In house'
      This track offers an entirely “in house” Certificate and Diploma that is only recognized within the broader Association of Vineyard Churches. The reading and written requirements of this track have been adjusted to the educational level of the student. Examinations and final grades are monitored and evaluated via internal criteria and are not recognized by any external educational institution or governmental agency.

      Courses offered in this track can be translated into local dialects and taught in local dialects. The Certificate Program requires fifteen (15) courses and the Diploma Program requires twenty (20) courses. The courses are offered three times yearly through intensives held usually in April, August, and December. The delivery system for both the Certificate and Diploma courses in the non-Credentialed track can be compared to Theological Education by Extension (TEE) in which the courses are conducted in a local town or village rather than having any residency requirements.

      Students who have started the non-credentialed track cannot transfer to the credentialed track and get credit retroactively. The student seeking to transfer to the credentialed program must pass an English proficiency exam and provide documentation attesting to an overall grade of D+ in KCSE or its equivalent to enter the Certificate Program, and to enter the Diploma Program the requirement is a C (Plain) in KCSE or its equivalent. If a student has achieved a C- and can document experience or additional coursework/certificates, they may also qualify for the Diploma Program.