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To meet the needs of Christian leaders/pastors in diverse contexts, life situations, and prior educational opportunities, Vineyard School of Ministry Africa (VSM Africa) offers two tracks described as Non-Credentialed and Credentialed.

The theological and philosophical foundation of both these tracks is a commitment to offer a theological education that is uniquely African in orientation, and Vineyard, in terms of values and philosophy of ministry.

The Gospel originated out of a particular culture and is communicated within a particular culture. The future of theological education in Africa must include an appropriation of cultural and religious traditions birthed on the soil of Africa.”

VSM Africa, Iconic Image
VSM Africa, Iconic Image

The Gospel originated out of a particular culture and is communicated within a particular culture. The future of theological education in Africa must include an appropriation of cultural and religious traditions birthed on the soil of Africa.”

Non-Credentialed Track

Applicants to this track are not required to possess a Secondary School Certificate nor pass an English proficiency exam.

This track offers an entirely “in house” Certificate and Diploma that is only recognized within the broader Association of Vineyard Churches. The reading and written requirements of this track have been adjusted to the educational level of the student. Examinations and final grades are monitored and evaluated via internal criteria and are not recognized by any external educational institution or governmental agency.

Credentialed Track

Applicants to this track are required to possess a Secondary School Certificate (KCSE – D+, for Kenyans).

Vineyard School of Ministry Africa, in collaboration with Daystar University, offers a Credentialed Certificate and Diploma Program in Ministry. The Certificate Program requires fifteen (15) courses and the Diploma Program requires twenty (20) courses.

The student must provide documentation attesting to an overall grade of D+ to enter the Certificate Program, and to enter the Diploma Program the requirement is a C (Plain) in KCSE or its equivalent. If a student has achieved a C- and can document experience or additional coursework / certificates, they may also qualify for the Diploma Program.

The courses are offered three times yearly through intensives held usually in April, August, and December. The course work and examinations are conducted in English.

VSM Africa students in countries other than Kenya must meet comparable qualifications to apply to VSM Africa’s Credentialed track.


A distinctive that sets VSM Africa apart from other theological institutions is our desire to create opportunities for local pastors and church leaders to gain higher education while also continuing to work and live in their home areas. The traditional model of theological education (whether at a bible college, seminary, or university) is residential, requiring often-unaffordable course and lodging fees while also removing the student from their home place of ministry for 3-4 years. While this traditional model does have some benefits, VSM Africa’s vision is to meet the needs of those Christian leaders who cannot afford or are not interested in this model of education.

Our model is based on (1) making education more accessible to the vocational or lay pastor or leader, (2) ensuring academic rigor (to “…love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind…” Matt 22:37), and (3) a focus on discipleship. In the words of Tokunboh Adeyemo, “We are called not merely to inform our students, nor simply to impart knowledge, but rather to reproduce Christ in them as Christ is reproduced in us. We are called to make disciples, to serve with God as agents of transformation.”

How Does our Program Work?

It’s simple: residential intensives (three per year) and online work.

Like many of Kenya’s universities, our academic year has three semesters (with the academic year starting in September). A full-time student can expect to undertake 3-4 courses per semester, for a total of around 12 courses per year (full time).

Over a single semester, a student will complete a course using by reading assignments and some submitted required coursework online (via Google Classroom), finishing each semester with a residential intensive including final exam. The residential intensives are typically scheduled during Kenya’s school holidays, in Nov/Dec (semester 1), April (semester 2), and Aug (semester 3).

Google Classroom

Having an online component via Google Classroom allows the student to engage with sufficient time over an entire semester with the reading material and assignments, connecting with their lecturer and student cohort via WhatsApp. Finishing with a residential intensive allows focused time together with the cohort and lecturer, including group work, further discussion, and exams.

Click here for information on Google Classroom.